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Apple for Healthcare

Bring your healthcare into the future, now

Giving healthcare the support it needs - end-to-end, fully integrated, and next-gen.

Integrated healthcare IT solutions and services that help control your costs and improve patient care.

Centralized Patient Management and Recording

No matter how big or small your healthcare business is, your patients expect easy access to their records and information across your network. Work with easy, simple-to-use software solutions that help you manage and disseminate patient data with zero hassles. The iPad is built to empower your staff to easily access or update patient records.
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Remote monitoring and analytics

Work with solutions that give you a complete, real-time view of what's happening at each layer of your organization. Powered by robust reporting and dashboards, our solutions help you be up-to-date with information on inpatients, outpatients, and department updates from anywhere at your convenience.

Advanced privacy & security

Apple builds privacy and security into all products from the ground up, including apps and services for education. Your patient records and data are completely secure in the ecosystem. With regular updates and security enhancements, you can rest assured that your records are safe and secure.
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Next-gen data centre services

With next-generation cloud-based server and storage services, you can easily deploy and update your pricing pans, schemes, and easily keep track of your revenues and payments. These services are built for speed, allowing you to move quickly with trends in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Automate your processes

From billing, administration, finance to business reporting, our cloud-based solutions help you automate processes so that you can focus on the work that really matters. Coupled with the performance of Apple machines, your team can easily keep track of and disseminate any information.
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Responsiveness and efficiency delivered

We understand that your work requires a high level of responsiveness in order to be able to give effective patient care, especially in acute conditions. You also need to control costs and enhance efficiency. Our end-to-end solutions help you achieve these seemingly opposed goals seamlessly through automation and cloud-based infrastructure.

Great return on investment

Dependable and efficient, Apple products don’t just last, but also learn and perform better with time. With the highest residual value among the products available in the market, these machines will prove to be the most cost-effective solution for your business. You can also opt for flexible financial models, like leasing and buyback programs, and reduce the overall cost of ownership
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Flexible financing options

When you get your Apple products from BRILYANT, we help you with customized financing options that make sense to your organization. You can opt for flexible financial models, like leasing and buyback programs, and reduce the overall cost of ownership. We also provide easy buyback and recycling services that let you make the most of your purchase.
Your Apple products, your way

Apple products can enhance your productivity at every level of your organization - from leads management to customized finance product creation


Every day, millions of startups use Apple's line-up to build great products and immersive customer experiences.


Administrators and doctors are increasingly learning how Apple and related services can help them serve top-notch healthcare services.

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